Home Decoration Small Lecture Hall: 20 Suggestions to Know About New House Decoration.

The decoration is a troublesome task, from home layout, style design, material selection, function supervision, etc. Filling a house is a big project, and many people are willing to toss like this to make the home more comfortable and live later More convenient. But before you renovate a new house, you should know some common sense, which can avoid trouble during the renovation and reduce the happiness of life in the future. Today, the editor of Baiyi Family has compiled 20 suggestions for new house decoration, hoping to help everyone.

  1. There is a porch at the entrance and a shoe cabinet. From the sense of ritual, the porch can be said to be a “transition space”, go home from work

  After that, remove the exhaustion of the day, sit quietly in the porch, relax, and functionally speaking, the cabinet in the porch increases the storage space, which can be left idle, seasonal, umbrellas, bags.

  2. You can install a wardrobe on the porch if the type allows. Some people who do n’t want to wash it once can put it on the porch.

  3. Be careful with the carpet. The carpet looks beautiful, but it is cumbersome to clean.

  4. The pedals can be placed so that the mess can be stowed away without wasting indoor space.

  5. Choose a wooden floor to choose a lighter color, it is not easy to see dust.

  6. Do not choose the design of the lamp. After the lamp is pressed, small bugs are stored in summer and accumulated in winter.

  Are all gray.

  7. The water heater and air conditioner socket should be designed with switches. It is advisable to drive one socket with a dual-stage switch, which is convenient and safe to use.

  8. It is also very important to improve the pressure test of the water pipe. The test must be on-site and the test time must be at least

  Above 30 minutes, the best time is 1 hour if possible.

  9. When changing the plastic door, be sure to calculate the size of the door frame protruding from the wall, and tell the installer that the final door frame and sticker

  The finished wall is flat.

  10. Be cautious when buying galvanized and painted furniture because it is easy to fade and fade.

  1. Waterproofing must be done, and watertight experiments must be done.

  12. Many verbal agreements reached during construction have become the gap in the final acceptance and completion, so if there are any problems during construction, we must

  The black and white text shows that the added cost must be written down.

  13. If the bathroom is to be separated from wet and dry, glass partition is still the choice. Pulling the curtain is not very convenient in actual use.

  14. The floor tiles of the kitchen and bathroom should not be white as much as possible, it is very troublesome to clean.

  15. The living room lighting should not be installed too much, it is simple and the best, otherwise it looks messy.

  16. A small light can be installed in the kitchen to cut vegetables.

  17. The exhaust holes of the range hood and Yuba must be made before the tile is attached. If they are opened after the tile is attached, then

  Inconvenient, and will affect the quality of the tiles.

  18. There are a few things to note before tiling:

  (1) It is best to monitor on-site.

  (2) Some defective tiles allow workers to stick to invisible locations.

  (3) Wall tiles and floor tiles must be soaked before paving.

  (4) Be sure to plug the water to prevent falling into debris.

  1. The height of the socket must be measured, especially the socket of the TV. Nowadays, TVs are basically hung on the wall.

  If the seat is too low or too high, it will affect the appearance.

  20. When placing lights in the restaurant, we must consider the placement of the dining table, otherwise, the lamps are not directly above the dining table, which affects the appearance.

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