How To Build A Creative Trade Booth To Get Huge Footfall?

Every year, new trends are introduced in the exhibition industry. Thus, if you are planning to design and build an attractive exhibition stand, then you should consider the latest design trends. The professional exhibition stand designers who have vast experience in this field and have successfully completed various exhibition stands can help you. 

The experienced professionals know what kind of trade booths will be perfect for your business niche. Here, we have mentioned top ideas that can help in designing and building creative exhibition stands:

  1. Welcoming Booth Design

The trade show attendees feel tired after spending a day at the trade show. You can attract the tired people inside your booth by offering a comfortable seating place for them. You should create a welcoming and calming place inside your booth where the booth visitors can relax for some time. 

Days spent at a trade show can be long and tiring for the attendees. You should also offer refreshment and a charging station inside the booth so that the booth attendees can charge their phone while relaxing. When the booth visitors start feeling comfortable, then you can start a meaningful conversation and convince them to buy your products or services.

  1. Create Multi-Sensory Experience

The exhibition stand display plays a vital role in attracting the trade show attendees. Along with the visual senses, you should also consider various other sensory experiences. You should talk to you exhibition stand designers and builders about creative ideas for exhibition stands and creating multi-sensory experience.  

It is imperative to use the right colors, optimum lighting fixtures, different sounds and create the right atmosphere. If you want to evoke the luxury experience, then you can make use of satin.  You can use bamboo to go green and create excitement by installing beautiful lighting fixtures. How about using Virtual reality and Augmented Reality technology inside your exhibition stand? 

  1. Use Eye-Catching Elements  

You should invest in various eye-catching elements for exhibition booth decoration that can increase the footfall inside your booth. You should display artwork elements, technological gadgets such as orbits at the entrance, hanging signs, etc. Make sure that the interactive elements not just attract the people, but also help in spreading brand awareness. 

Various attractive elements displayed in your booth will help in spreading brand awareness. We all know that the available space dimensions in the trade show are limited. Therefore, it is recommended to leverage the height by constructing high exhibition stands. High trade booth can capture the attention of trade show attendees, even from a distance.

  1. Make Use Of Every Angle 

The accessible directions of the trade booth are dependent on the size of the trade booth, its locations and set-up. Make sure that your exhibition stand design looks attractive from all the directions. These kinds of exhibition stands will easily pique the interest of trade show attendees and help to increase the volume of visitors inside your booth. 

  1. Show Eco-Friendliness With “Green Walls”

You can show the eco-friendliness by creating green walls. No matter what kind of products or services you are selling, creating a green wall will always create a good impression on the trade show attendees. If you add a wall of plants, then it will help you to stand out among various other exhibitors in the trade show. By building a green wall, you can set-up a healthy ambiance and tell your customers about the company’s environmental practices.  

  1. More Engagement With Social Media 

The best way to get more attendees inside your booth is to use the social media platforms. The social media platform can help to spread the brand awareness in a fun way.  You should consider adding one digital wall in your trade booth and it will help in displaying the customer reviews about your brand. It will help to keep the trade show attendees engaged.

  1. Offer A Photo Opportunity

Invest in a photo booth and place it with your exhibition stand. The photo booth inside your exhibition stand can create excitement among the trade show people. They will visit your stand to click amazing pictures. You can ask them to post their pictures in the social media account and tag your brand name. It is a fun way to spread brand awareness and get more potential customers for your business. You should also look for various other interesting exhibition stall ideas. 

  1. Create A Separate Meeting Area

You should also pay special attention to the meeting area. It is so because the meeting area is a place where you can convert the potential customer into a lead. Make sure that the meeting area is away from the crowd where you can have good conversation with the booth visitors. You can clearly convey the benefits of using your products or services.

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