The first time I saw such a clean decoration, it is really wise to “not buy” a TV cabinet! The whole house is too beautiful

The house is located in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties. The owner is a young couple. Because they do n’t like too complicated effects, they used modern fashion as the starting point to create a very clean minimalist home. Such a clean effect, the whole house is too beautiful! Of course, practicality is not bad. One is that it is really wise not to buy a TV cabinet so that the style is more harmonious and unified. The other is to insist on making a small change to the “restaurant”. The completion is equivalent to multiple rooms.

This is a floor plan. The layout before and after has not changed much. The only difference is the public area of ​​the restaurant. Because the area is too large, in order not to cause waste, we chose to build a study with brick walls and cabinets. It’s an exaggeration to say that it is comparable to many rooms!

Real scene! The entrance cabinet on the left can not only store things but also be the partition wall of the study. Such a design really serves two purposes! Of course, the practicality is not bad, no matter where the temporary small items are stored in the middle, or the shoe stool, shoe slot, sensor light, etc. are all very humane! The other is the blue-white background wall, and it looks charming and clean!

First look at the living room. Because the TV wall has a customized overall cabinet, the owner does not need to buy that kind of finished cabinet. It is sufficient to reserve an open storage slot directly. The reason we said before is that the style looks more harmonious and unified!

Besides, the white hands-free cabinet not only meets the storage needs of the living room, but it does not look obtrusive at all but looks beautiful. It is started by more and more people now. If you are interested, you may try it.

There are a total of three rooms. This is the master bedroom. After all, it is a place to sleep and rest, so the hard installation is very simple. For example, the clean background wall is like this. Combined with the white plasterboard ceiling, it looks good. The combination of soft furnishings, whether it is a soft and comfortable bedroom bed or a sophisticated and stylish cabinet, makes this home more attractive

The second room is the second bedroom. Compared with the white wardrobe, it is now replaced with a gray style, so that it does not look monotonous! Of course, the decoration of the bedside background wall is still good. Combined with the simple bedroom bed, it is quite suitable for rest.

The third room is obtained by changing the “dining room”. Its main function is the study area. It is no problem to use for office and study. With the tatami floor bed on the left, it can also be used as a guest room. very powerful. As for the wardrobe and the shoe cabinet, which serve as the right partition, it is obviously more practical.

The whole house has one and only one bathroom, so in order to improve the use efficiency, the owner, like most people, has an external washstand. This way, it is good to wash your face and brush your teeth and to use the toilet. As for the decoration itself, whether it is a mirror or a dark bathroom cabinet, it looks very temperamental.

This is a toilet and shower room. For more convenient storage of toiletries, there is an alcove storage slot on the left wall. Coming to the living room balcony, which is mainly used for drying clothes, there are washing machines and sinks, plus base cabinets and hanging cabinets, which are very powerful!

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