What are the aids for home improvement: Find the list of 16 existing devices

Improving your home has become a priority for many owners and even tenants. However, the financing of the works is often complicated to set up.

Whether it is to improve the energy performance of a house or apartment or renovate an aging dwelling, it is possible to benefit from various home improvement aids in order to finance renovation works.

16 in number ( 10 aid for energy renovation and 10 aid for improvement ), these different devices do not all take the same form. Indeed, you can, for example, benefit from loans at zero rates that you will have to repay or even grants from the Anah (National Housing Agency) non-repayable.

Find by following this link the different organizations that can give you advice on aid for the renovation of your home. Whatever the work you are planning, you can get 5 quotes from craftsmen near you by clicking on the button below.

“MaPrimeRénov” renovation bonus: How much? What payment conditions and how to benefit from them?

Established on January 1, 2020, “ MaPrimeRénov” merges CITE and Anah “Living better agility” grants and will completely replace them in 2021.

This is aid paid to certain owners to finance expenses related to the energy renovation of their main residence ( find out more ), not to be confused with the energy premium.

To be eligible for the payment of this energy renovation bonus, you must meet resource conditions. In addition, only certain types of work are concerned. The accommodation that is the subject of the request must also meet certain criteria ( the MaPrimeRénov conditions ).

Calculated according to the applicant’s income and the energy savings produced by the renovation, the new renovation bonus is capped at 20,000 euros per accommodation  (see the amounts of MaPrimeRénov ).

Easier to obtain than CITE and Anah aid, you simply have to file an online application and follow very specific rules during and at the end of the work. To find out how to receive the energy renovation bonus, see this section .

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