1. Modern avant-garde style; it highlights the modern feel through exaggerated color contrast, giving a very strong visual impact, and has ushered in a lot of praise from young artists and alternative young guys, but pay attention to it when decorating Good scale, not flashy.
  2. Modern minimalist style; many friends understand it here for simple decoration. In fact, it means to use simple lines to draw complicated things. The shape is simple and powerful. Many people now use it. This decoration style can be very effective with only a few thoughts.
  3. Mediterranean style; it is composed of themes of freedom, literature, and art, laziness, tranquility, etc. It is mainly blue and white. This style is adopted in many villas and large units. This style is relatively common in European and American countries.
  4. European and American rural style; its theme is human and nature. It is mainly warm colors. The overall look will be warmer, and there is also some nostalgic taste in it. Therefore, when choosing the furniture and floor, you should use retro, The feel of a country house is suitable for large families.
  5. Rural style; rural style is divided into several types, which are determined by regional differences, but they are generally the same. From the name, we can know that most of the style has a certain rural color, with fields and nurseries as the basic elements. , Lattice doors are used more, the whole look kind and natural.
  6. Elegant style; this style is similar to the simple style in appearance. The elegant style pays attention to the combination of details. It is full of cultural flavor but not rigid. It can highlight the owner’s cultural taste and is suitable for teachers and families and scholarly doors. 

List of new house decoration materials

First, the top decoration

  1. Price analysis of PVC ceiling profiles—PVC ceiling profiles are very economical ceiling materials, and the price of sheet material is around 20-30 yuan per square meter. The installation cost of PVC profiles, auxiliary materials, and labor costs are about 30 yuan per square meter.
  2. Price analysis of paper gypsum board-A standard specification 1200 mm x 2400 mm x 9 mm paper gypsum board, the price of ordinary type is about 25-30 yuan.

3, the price analysis of the decorative lamps-the price of ceiling lamps ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, choose about 300 yuan can meet the decoration requirements, the family’s economic conditions are superior can appropriately improve the grade.

Second, wall cloth decoration

  1. Analysis of the price of wall coverings—The price of domestic wall coverings per extended meter is between 30-110 yuan, and the length of imported wall coverings is 20-30 yuan higher. The cost of auxiliary materials and labor is about 20 yuan per meter.

Wallpaper price analysis: The price of wallpapers varies greatly, and imported wallpapers differ 1.5-3 times from domestically produced wallpapers.

The actual number of rolls is 5.3 square meters, and the price of each roll of domestic wallpaper is between 30-70 yuan. In actual paste, the wallpaper has a reasonable loss of 10% -17%. Wallpaper construction, accessories and labor costs are around 20 yuan per square meter.

3, glass material price analysis: flat ordinary glass product quality and glass thickness vary with different prices. The price of 5mm high-quality flat glass is around 40 yuan per square meter. The price difference of glass processed products is large. The price of glass bricks varies with the specifications and color patterns, generally between 200 ~ 300 yuan per square meter. Auxiliary materials and labor costs vary according to the wall area and installation and construction methods, generally between 60-200 yuan per square meter.

4, price analysis of decorative wall panels: imported wall panels, about 100 ~ 140 yuan per square meter, wooden parquet strip decorative board price between 150 ~ 180 yuan. The price of domestic wainscoting panels is 40 ~ 70 yuan per square meter lower than similar imported products. Auxiliary materials and labor costs for the installation of wall panels are about 10-20 yuan per square meter, and most dealers can install them for free.

  1. Timber price analysis: Due to the different quality of large core boards, the prices vary greatly. The price of handmade boards is between 40 ~ 60 yuan each, the price of machine boards is between 80 ~ 150 yuan each, the veneer core board varies according to the surface material, and the price is generally between 180 ~ 250 yuan each. The large core boards are unified specifications, all are 2440mm × l220mm × 18mm. The price difference is mainly reflected in the internal material and compactness. The specifications of the veneer are generally 2440mm × 1220mm × 3mm. The current market price is 50 ~ 70 yuan per sheet for Fraxinus mandshurica and 80-110 yuan per sheet for beech triple plywood.
  2. Price analysis of light steel keel partition wall: Light steel keel partition wall is a relatively economical wall partition. The specifications of the keel are generally 3 meters long, with 75 mm, 100 mm and other width specifications. The price of each root is between 12-20 yuan. Each standard sheet of plasterboard (2400 mm x 1200 mm) is priced between 22-30 yuan. In addition to the cost of auxiliary materials and labor, the decoration price of general light steel keel partition walls is between 90 ~ 150 yuan per square meter.
  3. Price analysis of ceramic wall tiles—For domestically produced axial wall tiles, the price of first-class products is about 40 yuan per square meter, plus auxiliary materials and labor costs, etc. The cost is about 80 yuan per square meter. The price of imported color-axis wall tiles is 1-3 times higher than domestic prices, and the price per square meter is between 80-70 yuan. The price of whole body brick is slightly higher than that of color sleeve brick, and the price per square meter is generally 5-10 yuan higher.

Third, the ground decoration

  1. Analysis of the price of ceramic floor tiles-the unit price of glazed tiles is about 30 yuan per square meter, and the whole body tiles are about 50 yuan per square meter. At present, the highest price of domestic floor tiles is more than 300 yuan per square meter. The cost of ceramic floor tiles for auxiliary materials and labor is relatively low, about 30 yuan per square meter. 10% -15% of the consumption should be reserved before laying ceramic floor tiles.
  2. Analysis of the price of floor coatings-Floor coatings is very economical floor decoration materials. The price of painting twice with high-priced epoxy resin is about RMB 13 per square meter, plus basic treatment and labor costs. The total cost is about 30 yuan per square meter.
  3. Analysis of the price of rugs-There are many types of rugs, and the prices vary greatly. Among them, pure wool rugs are the most expensive, and blended rugs and chemical fiber rugs range from 30 to 200 yuan per square meter.
  4. Price analysis of the composite wood flooring-The The price of domestic products of composite wood flooring is between 90-120 yuan per square meter, and the price of imported brands is between 30-300 yuan per square meter. The installation method of composite wood flooring is simple, and the dealer’s price includes auxiliary materials and construction labor costs, so it can be installed for free.

5, the price analysis of the solid wood flooring-the the price of solid wood flooring is mainly determined by three factors. The first is the tree species, then the size, and finally the quality of the product. At present, cherry wood is 900mm × 90mm × 18mm. The price of a plain board per square meter is about 140 yuan, and the price of the lacquer board is about 180 yuan. The cost of solid wood flooring also depends on the paving method. The auxiliary material and labor cost per square meter for the solid paving method is about 70 yuan, while the auxiliary material and labor cost per square meter for the empty paving method is about 110 yuan.

  1. Analysis of the price of stone slabs-The The price of stone slabs varies greatly. The price of domestic 600 mm x 600 mm granite slabs is about 60-200 yuan per square meter. The smaller the size, the lower the price. The color of the stone plate also has a great impact on the price. The color is dark, the pure red and black varieties are much higher than the general varieties.

7, the price analysis of plastic floor-plastic floor, generally about 20-30 yuan per square meter.

Fourth, decorative lines

  1. Price analysis of decorative corner line—The basic price of the wooden corner line is a high-quality ash line, the specification is 10mm × 10mm. The price per extended meter is about 1.5 yuan. If the width is increased to 20mm, the price is also Doubled accordingly. Auxiliary materials and labor costs for the installation of wooden corner lines are about 7 yuan per meter. The gypsum decorative corner line is a low-cost decorative material. The price varies with the width of the corner line, the complexity of the pattern and the quality. The general price is about 10 yuan per meter. When installing the gypsum corner line, the cost of raw materials plus the cost of auxiliary materials, and the cost of labor per meter of extension is between 15 and 18 yuan.

2. Price analysis of skirting boards-The solid wood skirting boards that have been processed and manufactured by the shop have a height of 100 mm. The price of each extension meter is 25 yuan on the right. Ancillary materials and labor costs are around 8 yuan per meter. The price of stone and ceramic skirting boards is basically the same as that of stone plates and ceramic wall and floor tiles. If there is no decorative molding line, the price is slightly lower than floor tiles.

3. Price analysis of the hanging mirror line-the price of each extension meter of the wooden hanging mirror line is about 10-30 yuan, and the price of the extension meter of the plastic hanging mirror line is less than 10 yuan. Labor costs are about 2 yuan per mete

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